Disasters can strike at any time.  And your best defense is to have your own emergency plan prepared — and know where to get help when you need it.


Hillsborough County has one of the best-staffed and equipped County Emergency Centers [EOC] in the United States.

Make your own written Emergency plan here

Emergency and Disaster information

Sun City Center, Florida 33573                                        



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SCC Disaster Information



Your Disaster kit

SCC Disaster and Emergency information

Pet Disaster kit

Your Safe Room



Other supplies



Emergency phone numbers

Sun City Center is not in an evacuation zone


Area Hospitals information



Communications via Radio

Nearest Shelter: Shields Middle School 19th Ave


Water, ice, food

Water, ice: County distribution @ Prince of Peace



Plan ahead—and join a local volunteer group!





Florida Emergency Plans

               2014 Council (click to enlarge)


County Emergency Plans

               2013 Council ( here)


SCC Emergency Plans

               2012 Council ( here)



               2011 Council photo ( here)


SCC Weather

               2015 Contact list


National Hurricane Center






Responders plans

              **Plans Being Updated**


SCC Emergency squad



SCC Patrol






South Bay Hospital



Kings Point Community Assn



SCC Community Assn






SCC Amateur radio



Kings Point Amateur radio



Good Samaritans/others






























Sponsor: SCC CERT

 Sun City Center, FL 33573


This website is designed to provide residents (and volunteers of first-responder groups) with information about our Sun City Center Disaster Emergency Plans. None of the plans or programs included in this website are intended to replace directives issued by County, State, or Emergency Plans.