South Bay Hospital

              (2014 changes underlined)


Admin: Loren Labrador   



Overview:     72, 48, 24 hr plans/checklist. Approved by County 2010.


                          Top off supplies.

                                      Two weeks food maintained on site.

                                      Main HCA Largo depot designed to replenish all supplies.


                          Determine staffing plans.

                                      (All personnel (and their families) to be  housed on site)


                          Discharge patients as possible.  Postpone elective procedures.

                          Special  needs: (To be determined)

                          Mutual assistance plans with 16 hospitals.

                          Sun City Center amateur radio operators will man an operating position

                                      @ the SBH Emergency/Security center.


**NOTE: Website established to post detailed real-time emergency information**









Note: These plans are written for the use of members and may be modified by the leadership without notice at any time.

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This website is designed to provide residents (and volunteers of first-responder groups) with information about our Sun City Center Disaster Emergency Plans. None of the plans or programs included in this website are intended to replace directives issued by County, State, or Emergency Plans.