†††††† Proper ID collar and rabies license *

†††††† Vaccination paperwork *

†††††† Carrier or cage

†††††† Leash

†††††† Two-week food supply

†††††† Water

†††††† Water/food bowls

†††††† Medications (if any)

†††††† Specific care instructions (needed if boarding your pet)

†††††† Newspapers, kitty litter, scoop, plastic bags for handling waste

†††††† Photo of you and pet ( helps others find it if it gets lost)

†††††† Non-electric can opener

†††††† Petís favorite toys and blanket


*- Required by shelters. Always keep your petís shots up to date.†††††††



Make your own written Emergency plan here ó >

You are responsible for planning for your pet.


Plan ahead. Donít put yourself, your family, and your pet at risk!



†- Pet friendly hotels:†

†- County Pet-shelter rules

†- Donít leave your pet or use it as an excuse not to evacuate if ordered to do so!

Emergency and Disaster information

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This website is designed to provide residents (and volunteers of first-responder groups) with information about our Sun City Center Disaster Emergency Plans. None of the plans or programs included in this website are intended to replace directives issued by County, State, or Emergency Plans.