A safe room (either a room or a hallway) should not have windows.

It should be near the center of your home.


When a hurricane warning is issued, it is time to ‘prep’ your safe room and go to it. Make it as comfortable as possible with pillows, cushions, and blankets.


Stock your safe room with your battery-operated radio or television (along with extra batteries), snacks, water, games, books, flashlights and/or battery-powered lanterns.


Avoid using candles as they are hazardous in a small area. Don’t forget to have your portable potty and sanitation items and your container of valuables/papers with you.


Don’t leave the ‘safe room’ until radio or television has advised it is safe to do so.            


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This website is designed to provide residents (and volunteers of first-responder groups) with information about our Sun City Center Disaster Emergency Plans. None of the plans or programs included in this website are intended to replace directives issued by County, State, or Emergency Plans.