Your Things to do by June 1st each year:


 - Tell family, friends, neighbors your plans for the next 3 months. If your plans then change, let them know.


 - Check your first-aid kit for missing items.


 - Make sure you have common tools [hammer, pliers, screwdriver, scissors, can opener, duct tape].

 - A three-day supply of  bottled water; one gallon per day per person. Or use 1 drop of bleach per gallon.


- Three-day supply of canned or boxed non-perishable food. You may wish to purchase some plastic storage containers to keep these supplies safe in your garage.


- Cash in small denominations, credit cards


- Extra car keys, jewelry, insurance papers/agent’s name.


- Bag of extra clothes and shoes. 

Sun City Center is at 27.7 North Latitude, 82.4 West Longitude. This is useful to know when you hear reports of a hurricane’s path. You can round this off to 28 and 82 so the numbers are easy to remember with little loss of accuracy. See Page 9 SCC Phone Book

Things to do if a Hurricane Warning is issued:


 - Remove all terrace furniture, lanai furniture or any other outdoor potted plants or hardware that may become a missile in a good wind.


 - Securely lock all sliding doors and windows. Close and fasten shutters. But be sure that your neighbors or first-responders know how to get into your home in an emergency without breaking down your door! Sign the ‘key-locator’ log at the SCC Emergency squad.


 - Switch electrical circuits off at the main box except for the main breaker and ones for refrigeration and freezer. If you’re not sure be prudent—keep hands out of the breaker box!


 - Fill bathtub with water (add a few drops of bleach) for use in flushing the commode.

SCC uses ‘lift-stations’ to pump sewage out of the area. Should these ‘lift-stations’ lose power, you will not be able to flush the toilet without the sewage backing up into your home! You should have plastic bags and kitty litter available for use if necessary.


Fill your car’s gasoline tank; service stations may not be able to pump gas for days.

 - Go to the bank and get cash. ATM machines will not work if the power is out.

 - Buy as many bags of ice as you can store in your ice chests or freezer

 - Stay in your safe room at home until the storm is completely over

 - After the storm, let your neighbors know you’re ok.

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