Frontline Communications Appoints William A. Barron Interim VP/COO to Oversee Final Phase of Restructuring

Business Wire, Feb 26, 2001

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Frontline Communications Corp. (AMEX:FNT; NASDAQ:FCCNW),, announced today that it has appointed Frontline Board of Directors' member William A. Barron as an interim VP/Chief Operating Officer to oversee the final phase of the Company's restructuring effort.

Mr. Barron, who has served on Frontline's Board since January 2000, has assumed responsibility for day to day operations of the Company and will drive its reorganization and consolidation effort to its conclusion.

The restructuring, which Frontline announced in November 2000, has resulted in approximately $4 million in personnel and infrastructure expense reductions on an ongoing basis. The effort has also resulted in a streamlined, efficient, and effective customer service program.

"The restructuring goal is to bring the company to a position of cash flow positive and ultimately to bring it to profitability," said Frontline President and CEO Stephen J. Cole-Hatchard. "We are pleased that Bill Barron will be leading the last phase of this effort."

Previously, Mr. Barron has served as VP & Chief Financial Officer for Hudson Technologies, Inc., and from March 1993 until October 1995, served as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer, and President of Diagnostek, Inc.; a NYSE pharmacy benefit management company employing over 1,700 employees in 39 States. During the 21 years prior to his tenure at Diagnostek, Mr. Barron was employed as a senior financial manager at five GE business units; including GE Aviation Services.

About Frontline

Founded in 1995, Frontline Communications Corporation provides high-quality Internet access and Web hosting services to homes and businesses nationwide. Frontline offers Ecommerce, programming, and Web development services through its PlanetMedia group, Frontline is headquartered in Pearl River, New York, and is traded on the American Stock Exchange.

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