Note: These plans are written for the use of members and may be modified by the leadership without notice at any time.


Hillsborough County Sheriff

   (2015 changes underlined)



HCSO Local Contact: Deputy Jeffery Merry




                  Follows detailed HCSO Plans.

                  Deputies rally to main command post at District IV office; Ruskin.

                                  Facility has 3 day Generator; if needed.

                                If damaged, the Kings’ Point North clubhouse may be used.


                  Provide officers at Ruskin Shelter (Shields Middle School) and South bay hospital.


                  STARC provides emergency amateur radio communications.


ICE Program:

                  Programming emergency contact information into your cell phone under the listing "ICE" (In Case of Emergency)

                  and carrying HCSO's ICE identification card in a wallet or purse can assist first responders in contacting family

                  and friends in the event you're involved in an emergency.


Emergency Evacuation Routes:


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This website is designed to provide residents (and volunteers of first-responder groups) with information about our Sun City Center Disaster Emergency Plans. None of the plans or programs included in this website are intended to replace directives issued by County, State, or Emergency Plans.