The mission to provide Amateur Radio Communications support to Emergency Management in Hancock County Mississippi.

The Amateur Radio Team members (12) were all from various parts of Florida.  Many from WCF (West Central Florida) Section of ARRL.

On September 7, 2005 - 2 members of the Sun City Center Amateur Radio Club departed for Mississippi. They were Bill Barron, W1WAB and Don Chinnery, WU9T. In route, we picked up two additional amateurs from Tampa area. They were Bill Williams, AG4QX and George Perkins, KU3O



ABOVE:  Initial ID  -   Katrina ID – Don WU9T

Bill, W1WAB               Bill    AG4QX        George KU3O



Our destination was Hancock County Mississippi, one of the hardest if not the hardest hit of Mississippi Counties.  Most western county before entering LA.
We reported to Hancock EOC. The 4 of us from Hillsborough county to replace four returning to Florida.  We were pleased to be part of a 12 member team providing communications at the Hancock EOC located at Stennis Airport.


Above -    sign at entrance to EOC


Our antennas are located on roof of school building in background.

 (left) Looking at Vocational School Grounds and building housing EOC

Note hurricane damage of power line. Located here are campsites for various support groups.

Campsites for various support groups. The blue tent on left is decontamination tent for scuba divers from Tupelo Mississippi search and rescue group.

KU3O van on left, WU9T RV (right):

K1HG  RV in background

One of many communication antennas on the grounds. No wonder we had RFI problems.

Manatee County Sheriff's kitchen. Such good food, one of two kitchens available to us. This was nice feature, as we didn't have to spend our time in food preparation.


Part of our team at evening briefing.
 l to r  Chantell with Jim KI4KPY;  Mary, KI4JOO & Bill KI4JOG; Bill, KG4JZT; Dave, AI4GF;  Don, WU9T

Amateur Radio Group:
clockwise,  Daisy, KT4TW; Don, WU9T,; Jim, KI4KPY & Chantell; George, KU3O; Bill, KI4JOG; Mary, KI4JOO; Bill, KG4JZT; Dave, AI4GF; Bill, AG4QX

Bill, W1WAB; Ray, K1HG; Daisy, KT4TW; Don, WU9T; Bill, AG4QX;
standing l to r: Todd, K1KVA; Bill, KA1PA; Randy, AG4UU- ESF2

standing: Bill,, W1WAB
l to r: Bill, KI4JOG; Mary, KI4JOO Bayou Talla Pod Team;  Don, WU9T, NCS; Bill, AG4QX, Pearlington POD; Jack, W4GRJ;  far left Jim, KD4MZL

l to r: Don, WU9T; Bill, KG4JZT; Jim Brendin, Red Cross- 3rd Party Communications; standing Ricky KD4AST

Don, WU9T , NCS  

146.700 repeater, 146.55 Simplex & Red Cross Radio. Later link to Harrison County was moved into NCS station from K1HG's RV. (The middle door leads to principal’s office for the vocational technical school where we were located.

County Com Center, in lieu of 911.  Amateurs George, KU3O and Daisy, KT4KW took care of dispatching and other com functions.