Pictured above: Ready to go! Here I am at the home shack getting the FD log ready at 11am. It’s already 85 degrees  and climbing.. while the bands are deteriorating. But, I had fun anyway!

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Field Day …...


Operating from the home station as 1D-WCF … yeah, just couldn’t get the Stanley 300Amp-hour batteries to provide enough “juice” to the FT897 for sustained psk31 qso’s .. so we ran mainly the TS2000 off the mains at low power.


At 830pm, I was net control for the eagle NTS net passing 15 radiograms to the section manager!


A copy of my field day log  here and a qso map below.

79 QSO’s .. A new record for me and #1 in class for the

Section (96th in contest overall).

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