Cypress Creek Men’s Golf: President (1997-8)
SCC Patrol: Deputy Captain Team 25 (1999-2009)
Caloosa Golf: Treasurer (2000-2008)
Caloosa Country Club Estates: President (2001-2002)
SCC CERT: President (2003-2015)
SCC Amateur Radio Club (ARC) VP, program manager: (2004-2005)
Kings' Point ARC QSL Mgr (2004-2022)
SCCARC QSL Mgr (2004-present)
ARRL Official Emergency & Relay Station (2004-present)
ARRL Technical Specialist (2016-present)
Hillsborough County Deputy RACES Officer: (2005-2009)
WCF Eagle NTS Manager; (2005-2014)
Skywarn NWS: NCS (2005-2015)
SCCARC Field Day: Mgr (2007-8)
Wedgewood Estates POA: VP (2008)
Hillsborough County Citizen Corps: Chairman (2010)
South Shore Son’s of the American Revolution—Director (2019-20) Treasurer (2021-23) Registrar (2022-)
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SAR Member
Fire Safety